Doors 101

Choosing the right door that serves you functionally and aesthetically can be a daunting task. However, fear not; we at ODEYA Doors are committed to assist you throughout the process.

Step 1: Environmental scanning

      1. Is it exposed to unfriendly environment such as UV rays or high humidity?
        If yes, Weather Boil Protection treatment is required.

      2. Is it exposed to harsh weather conditions such as direct UV rays and rain?
        If yes, we recommend Merbau timber with extreme WBP treatment for your door. Merbau is a species that is well known for its capability in handling harsh weather, durable, and easy to maintain. Due to its hardiness, it is a popular choice of wood for outdoor decking as well.

      3. Is it in a control environment such as indoor?
        If yes, you are generally not restricted to any design or material you desire. Odeya doors have tons of choices for you to choose from. However, should you desire species from European countries, we recommend a 24/7 air conditioned environment.

      4. Is it close to any source of noise pollution?
        If yes, we recommend an acoustic door. General solid wood doors are able to reduce noise pollution up to 30%, with our proprietary acoustic doors and frame, we are able to reduce up to 60%. Should you require a higher percentage of blockout, we recommend double doors concept with our acoustic doors and frame to achieve up to 80% reduction.
      5. Is it close to a radioactive source such as x-ray machine or bag scanner?
        If yes, we offer Lead Door to protect you from unnecessary exposure to radioactive rays.
        Note: Lead doors are generally used in medical facilities.

Step 2: Space scanning

        1. Space is not an issue?
          If yes, we recommend Swing Door. This is the most commonly seen and cost effective door since ancient times. It is simple yet elegant with a lot of room for custom aesthetic design.

        2. Limited interior space?
          If yes, we recommend Bi-Folding Door. This type of door has a unique advantage, space saving and able to cover a wide entrance width up to 1.2m or 4 ft.

          As for Sliding Door. This type of door is popular among the Korean and Japanese culture because of its simplicity and minimal space intrusion. It is highly recommended for areas with higher human traffic flow.


        3. Big space with a wide entrance?
          We recommend Double Door. This type of door is unbeatable in its natural presentation, it will never fail to boost the sense of grandeur and openness to the space you are about to enter. However, if you are looking for a grand entrance with limited space, a double door can give you just that. We recommend Pivot Door for a height more than 2.4m. This type of door is for people who are looking to make their entrance as grand as possible with larger than usual entrance size. It can be commonly seen in landed property with a tall entrance, hall, or ballroom.

Step 3: Material

Your choice of material will have a direct impact on the door design, and with the right decision it can make a huge difference to your entrance. Fear not, Odeya Doors is committed to ensure you have the most presentable outfit.

    1. Solid Nyatoh. This is the most stable and beautiful material for ASEAN climate, it is reddish, has a tight straight grain that resembles cherry wood. The surface is dark brown/red in color. It is easy to work on and take any type of stain and polish well such as lacquer to aqua based paint. Regardless of classic charm to modern design, solid nyatoh will not fail you.

    2. Natural Veneer. Basically it is a “skin” shaved out from selected tree logs and treated. Due to this technology, we get to enjoy wood species from other continents of the world without the worry of warping in our 70-80% humidity climate. However, due to 100% it’s wood nature, the consistency of grain and pattern cannot be guaranteed.

    3. Engineered veneer is semi natural, while it is still shaved out from tree logs, it is further processed with printed grains and dyed, thus it’s grain and color is guaranteed. 

    4. Laminate aka HPL. This is the most common material found on carpentry and furniture. It is being advertised with benefits such as scratch resistant, water resistant, anti fungus and so on due to layers of transparent coating on the surface. Laminate is stiff and brittle thus the risk to potential chipping off is at corner area is very high. 

    5. Moulded. Moulded is basically moulded out of compressed paper and fiber with artificial wood grain surface. It is the most economical material.

Step 4: Add on surface design

Using groove line, glass insert, or metal strip could bring a breath of fresh air to your entrance. It may seem like a small detail but these details makes wonder.

    1. Groove line. This is a common design feature found on many wood products, like a carving, gentle yet beautiful. If applied creatively it can be an art piece.

    2. Metal strip. Metal strip works similarly as groove lines, elegant with an industrial touch due to its nature. Mostly adopted by Modern to Industrial theme.

    3. Glass insert. Glass insert creates an openness between spaces yet with a tint of privacy retain. There are many types of glasses we offer, such as tinted feature, frosted feature, and so on down to the most common clear glass. For safety reasons we advocate tempered as glass core.

Step 5: Construction

(Applicable only to Veneer/Laminate surface)

    1. Solid Core. Our solid core doors means the door is 100% filled with wood planks. They are very heavy and have sturdy feedback when in motion. 

    2. Semi Solid. It is lighter and more economical with 60% fillings. However it could not be applied to more sophisticated construction requirements such as glass insert.

    3. HoneyComb core. These are the lightest and the most economical construct. Generally recommended for industrial offices for a shorter term usage. Even though is honeycomb core, but with the right combination of surface design this type of door can still be stunning to your interior.

Still feeling lost? Feel free to contact us, we will assist you to select the right product.

Our Collection


Our Elegant Series Doors are our pride products featuring colours and species from around the globe with a fine touch. Regardless of which design you choose, we guarantee it will uplift your interior. 


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